Tigelle Factory a Lovely place in Pistoia.

last year

Today i feel lovely so  I remember the place where I celebrated last Valentine's Day, Tigelle Factory!
A very nice little place not far from the center  of Pistoia.
Where the main dish is made up of tigelle in all ways and in all types! So yummi.
I had already visited one of its branches in another part of the city, but this little place recently opened on the outskirts is a really nice, cozy and cheap place!

I love it. I loved it the first time but the second tim was true love! 

The place has a simple decor, made with recycled stuff and objects  and overhanging features, the general appearance is very vintage, a romantic vintage corner for old couples,  a place where you immediately feel at home. To welcome us at the entrance there are the owners, two young girls dressed in a very bohemian style, so into the place, both good looking and easy going, kind and welcoming, made us sit down immediately explaining everything about the tigelle and their uses.
For the uninitiated, tigelle are typical Modena bread some call them Crescentine , made of flour, yeast and water, a very simple food, filled with salty or sweet foods. In both cases extremely tasty.
You can really fill it with everything! That's why are perfect for vegan or not! 

The tigelle are of various types, in the menu you can immediately choose what to fill them with or if you take a menu already created with five different types of tiles. Otherwise you can choose to fill them with three things: meat (various types of meat, ham, salami, bresaola, cotto, spek  etc ...) cheeses (brie, scamorza, taleggio, gorgonzola etc.), vegetables (courgettes, peppers, aubergines, etc.).
There are also sweet tigelle with nutella, vanilla, mascarpone or various jams. In short, the choice is wide and everyone is happy about it. 

It s such a lovely place and i am happy to have found it!!

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