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3 months ago

The important things in life have a strong impact on the future. Delaying them almost always brings negative consequences

Greetings, friends!

I want to share with you a reflection about the habit of postponing things, that bad habit that in one way or another affects our lives.

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They say that life is short and it really is, time goes by quickly and we were not born to live eternally. If under this premise we plan life, making the most of every minute, every moment of life, how many things could we do, even in this short life? Not everything in life is work, responsibilities, obligations or study. It takes time also for recreation, relax, share with family and friends etc, but even with all that, if we spend the time to organize and prioritize all things, we could do more than twice what we have done in life.

Most of the time we stop doing something important and necessary to watch TV, sleep or just do nothing, and that time we lost is never recovered. I have always heard people say "to make up for lost time". We need to know that lost time is never recovered, never again.

We are likely to do now what we stopped doing some time ago, but it is not at the same time, they are not the same circumstances, and maybe because we did not do it in time there were indelible marks on loved ones, and even if we do it now nothing is the same.

If we were to think a little about the time we have lost in life, if there was a way to accurately measure the time lost, we would realize that maybe we lost to study another university career, to set up that business that we always wanted, dedicate quality time to our family, to our children, to take advantage of it in so many important things that we would now feel happy and happy to have done. It would be like living two lives at once, just for the sake of having made good use of time.

Do not do things on time that minute by minute they are adding hours and days, months and years to lose a time that will never return and we could have used it well, and at the end of the years just lament when it is too late.

That is why it is very necessary to plan things beforehand, give priority to what is most important and do it on time, have a day-to-day agenda, set a deadline for delivery to work or obligations that you have to do. To postpone things is not just to avoid what you have to do, but to distract yourself from doing what you should not do.

Doing what you should do first gives you time later to do what you want to do.

If your desire is to travel the world, to know countries, to know other cultures, to do tourism but you do not have the money for it, then that is not your priority; your priority is to work and save money so you can travel later. If you reverse the order of priorities not only things do not go well but you also waste your time.

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One of the ways to prioritize things is to be organized, make a list of our priorities in order of importance, in such a way that one leads you to fulfill the other, taking care of details and establishing small goals that lead you to fulfill them. When we are going to do something, it is good to ask ourselves: Is this a priority in my life? Am I not doing something important to do this? Does something positive contribute to me? Take into account that it is one of the "Non-Renewable Resources" of your life as is the time and you have to know very well how to use it.

Sometimes they are not only the most important things but also others of lesser importance, but when combined with each other, they make a real priority and can make a person's life totally different, that they feel satisfied that they have achieved goals that took them to be a better person with a more promising future, perhaps with the ability to transform people and the world around them.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today - Anonymous.


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