Deadly Poisonous : The Amanita exitialis Fungus

2 months ago

"Amanita exitialis Fungus".

Amanita exitialis Fungus


It is a kind of fungus. It is also called mushroom. This species of fungus is a large genus. The fungus of this species is called Amanita exitialis which is a botanical name.

The fungus of this species Amanita exitialis is deadly poisonous. This species is also known as the Guangzhou Destroying Angel. The fungus of this species Amanita exitialis is related to phylloids.

The mushrooms are white and the caps are small to medium. The fins of this fungus tend to look a bit like a lowered ring. On the opposite side of this fungus called mushroom there are four spores Bacidia.

Molecular research is often carried out on these species of fungi. The fungi of this species Amanita exitialis grow in clusters in coniferous forest soils.

These types of fungi come out of the soil. The flesh of the fungus of this species Amanita exitialis is small to medium in size.

The cap is white, bright, convex and wide at about 30-60 mm. The gills of this fungus then become white and crowded, but its short gills are diminishing, abundant, and in about 2-3 positions.

The stem can then grow up to 60 mm and be white, shiny, but sometimes fibrillose squamuls. Also the tops of its stems are elongated and the flesh is white. Then they have a kind of basal bulb in their stem which is about 11-22 mm wide.

This species is DEADLY POISONOUS



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