The Winning Mindset: One More Time for Luck…!

13 days ago

Hi, Sweet Friendzzz

If you have ever been fascinated by arts like I have been for my entire life, you know that there is a fire inside artists that can push them to do ridiculously powerful things.

The fiery passion that compels people to commit to things that they otherwise would not care about is a sense of incentive unrivaled by anything else in this world.

Today, I want to talk about the winning mindset… the ultimate perspective that leads to the path of success in the long run!

Since we are talking about passion in arts, I would like to draw an example from one of my favorite directors of all time.

Peter Jackson is credited with writing, producing, and directing one of the greatest film trilogies of all time.

It took more than several years of hard work and utter dedication to bring the Lord of the Rings to the silver screen of cinemas.

The acclaimed series went on to win almost every award there is, a compliment to the unrelenting spirit of everyone involved with those films.
But one thing in particular about Peter Jackson and his approach when it came to directing these films have always struck me as admirable and wonderfully adept.

Jackson was obsessive about his camerawork, and took his time to shoot every scene in a way that would perfectly capture every aspect of the world, the characters, and the narrative.

This was a tiresome attitude for the actors, since Jackson insisted on filming the scene from several angles all at once and always encouraged the crew to shoot more takes.

‘One more for luck!’ he would say to encourage people for yet another take.

Sometimes, this would go on for more than 10 times in a single scene.

This is the same with the winning mindset.

People who understand that so long as they have not captured the perfect opportunity, they should go on.

‘One more time!’
‘One more for luck!’
This is the mantra of the dreamers who have realized the importance of resilience in accomplishing their goals and realizing their visions in this vast and unpredictable world.

What do you know… maybe you are one take away from that perfect shot which can give you the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that you deserve!

The winning mindset is not just an idea or a concept; it is a practice of mindfulness every time things take a dark turn.

Taking a deep breath, swallowing hard, and saying, ‘Let’s try one more time!’ to yourself is the ultimate pathway to success and accomplishment.

It doesn’t matter if life hasn’t treated you well, so long as you remember to do One More for Luck!



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